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Powderhorn Arch - 1

Devou Park

Devou Park
Bandshell Boulevard
Covington, Kentucky

I tell you all what, I had a great 5 day weekend after needing a serious break from the day job. Wednesday I was offroading on Spaas Creek Rd near Red River Gorge, hiked to Gray's Arch and witnessed a fantastic sunset on the Sheltowee Trace National Trail. Thursday I saw a great band live and afterwards ended up at an after party in an 150 year old warehouse in Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine which lead to some drunken urban exploring at 5 am Friday morning. Then came Saturday morning when I woke up to a thick fog outside the house. After checking the OHGO Artimis Cameras online and seeing there was fog everywhere in the Cincinnati area I checked out Channel 12's Tower Cam and to my amazement you could only see the tops of two buildings sticking out of a sea of fog. Excitedly, I woke up Lisa and out we went, heading up to Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky. The goal was to go to the famous overlook of the Cincinnati Skyline but along the way we got distracted as the fog was making for beautiful and surreal morning scenes. We couldn't resist taking some shots along Bandshell Blvd. We both love fog and seriously, we couldn't have started off our day any better!

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