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AJ Jolley Park - Sunset

AJ Jolley Park
Campbell County

On a lovely August evening...After digging the Impala (a 1968 convertible) out of storage Thursday I got it home and it was acting funny. I originally planned on driving it to work Friday morning but I felt pretty uncomfortable with the way it was acting so I opted not. When I got in from work I figured out the problem and asked my Honey, Lisa if she wanted to go down into the country to find a barn to shoot sunset, she did and off we went. We drove all the way down to Butler, Kentucky seeing lots of barns but none worth stopping. As we approached the rural city it was quite evident that the sunset was going to be a doosy. Knowing we were not far from AJ Jolly Park I decided to shoot up there. It had been 25 years or even longer since I had visited the park, so I had no idea what was in store for us. As the sun set over the horizion things were definately different from my last visit but when we pulled up to the lake it was quite evident where we should shoot and we sat back and watched a beautiful show.