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Foggy Newport Kentucky

Newport Kentucky/Ohio River
From Eden Park

While funning about in Sunday morning's fog event I realized that I had lost something. My love for photographing Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. In fact, besides shooting sunsets at nearby Doe Run Lake it had been over a year since I photographed nearly anything else here besides concerts. I realized I was almost strictly limiting myself to landscapes, waterfalls and arches. Visiting Eden Park in Cincinnati rekindled that fire that I had allowed to die out. Driving past the 120 year old reservoir and pumping station, the Krohn Conservatory and the old water tower was truly enlightening. There is a lot to photograph around here and for a long time I've not paid any of it much attention. In the future you'll certainly be seeing a lot more from my home than in the past!
One of my surprises was from the Cliff Drive Overlook, though it's got a great view overlooking the Ohio River, Dayton, Bellevue and Newport, Kentucky, I've never found it very photogenic but on this morning it was a completely different story! What a mood as a late morning light illuminated the fog over Newport and the Ohio River! Just the inspiration I needed to stop ignoring something that's been right under my nose!

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