Northern Kentucky - Fultz Fotos
Dunloup Creek Falls - 3

Roebling Suspension Bridge

John A Roebling Suspension Bridge
Ohio River
Covington, Kentucky

It was an unusually foggy weekend here around the 'Nati. I missed Saturday's nearly all day fog event and if it hadn't been for me having a look at the weather forecast Saturday night I would have completely missed Sunday's. For years now I've wanted to shoot the 149 year old Roebling Suspension Bridge which spans the Ohio River from Covington, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio in foggy conditions. Although, I had a completely different plan for shots I tossed them out because it just wasn't the right conditions, however it was the perfect conditions for shooting the bridge from below. I have a feeling this won't be the last time I'll get my chance to shoot this bridge on a foggy morning in the coming months.

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