Northern Kentucky - Fultz Fotos
Angels Windows - Right Window - 1

The Roebling Suspension Bridge - 2

The John A Roebling Suspension Bridge

I woke up on a recent Sunday morning with the intent of working on my website and then heading out for breffus. As things would turn out, a completely different set of events occurred when I got out of bed. Fog. Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati were under a dense fog alert. Within 45 minutes I had checked the traffic cameras to confirm everywhere was indeed enshrouded in fog, showered, got my fiancee awake and coffeed up, dog pottied, snacks and camera gear gathered and we were out the door! We headed down to the 151 year old Roebling Suspension Bridge that crosses the Ohio River between Covington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. After shooting below the bridge and really not feeling it, Lisa and I headed up to the deck and started to scout some places to shoot the Kentucky side entrance. We decided to play Frogger. Setting up smack dab right in front, in the middle of the road, one watching for incoming traffic while the other shoots. It was both frustrating an fun! For this shot I thought I'd do something a little different and do a B&W conversion, something I haven't done in years. I've always been a huge fan of B&W and I just love how this turned out, I hope you all enjoy it too!

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