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At The End Of The Night

Roebling Suspension Bridge
Cincinnati Skyline
From Covington, Kentucky

Last week a fellow photographer contacted me about purchasing a print and since we lived in the same city I thought a good place to meet would be on the Covington, Kentucky Waterfront so I could knock off two birds with one stone. One, I could give her the print. Two I could shoot the Cincinnati, Ohio skyline at sunset while I waited for her to arrive. As usual the skies completely cleared that day and on my way there I got pretty disgusted but as I got closer to the city I saw there was some thin clouds hanging over the skyline. When I arrived I realized I had miscalculated the angle where the sun set, it was actually to my back, but that would turn out to be a mute point for after few minutes the clouds above turned a beautiful pink and the city was ago with the last rays of the sun.

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