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Blue Hour Cincinnati

Cincinnati Skyline
From Mt. Adams

I can only take so long where I haven't done any shooting. On my way home from work the clouds began to break after several days of cloudy skies, when I arrived at home I had no intentions of going and shooting sunset, although the thought had crossed my mind. Turns out I forgot to pick up milk and cereal, so I thought I would make the best of it and drive over to Mt. Adams and shoot sunset over Cincinnati. As it would turn out the skies filled back up and sunset was pretty much a dud, but as I stood there and watched the gridlock on I-71 and I-471 I figured I might as well stick it out for a while, who knows what will happen. I ended up staying to near dark and just as blue hour gave way to night the light of the city against the blue of the sky created a scene that made the trip worth more than just cereal and milk.

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