The Skyline - Fultz Fotos
Keeney's Creek - 2

Summer Afternoon

Late Afternoon
From Mt. Adams
Cincinnati, Ohio

I don't know what the rest of you got to see but this past Saturday the skies during the day were absolutely stunning. It was like it was polarized, high definition clouds against a higher thin layer of clouds. We had a couple hours to kill before my birthday dinner at Eli's BBQ in the East End of Cincinnati so Lisa and I decided to hit a couple of the overlooks that were nearby. After stopping by Anderson Park in Columbia/Tusculum, where things turned out to be a bit dull, we headed over to Mt. Adams and to one of my favorite views of the city. I've almost exclusively shot here for sunsets and nighttime images and I even mentioned that to Lisa that it was the first time I'd ever shot here in the middle of the day. When we arrived it was just as I had hoped, the sun was just how I wanted it over the city and those hd clouds were just popping. I had no idea how the photos would turn out when I was shooting, I was definitely in some unfamiliar territory as I rarely shoot in direct sunlight. In fact I had little confidence they would turn out good at all. I'm glad I was wrong, because I really like this one.

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