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Fishtrap Natural Bridge - 1

Lower Black Falls Of The Etowah - 1

Lower Black Falls Of The Etowah
Etowah River
Frank D. Merrill US Army Ranger Camp

Now that things are slowing down a little bit I finally had a chance to go through the 2000+ photos I took on a trip back in early November where I stayed at my good friend John Deas home located about 20 miles north of the Georgia Border in North Carolina. All together I visited 34 waterfalls over 4 days in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina! One of our early stops was to the Upper and Lower Black Falls on the Etowah. Located on the grounds of the Frank D. Merrill US Army Ranger Camp, both falls are very close to the camp training area. We visited the Upper Falls first and though it’s about 80 ft tall, with all the recent rains it was a bit blobby and there were several trees that had debrised across it, as well as at the base so we opted to check out the lower falls. Following an old railroad grade we passed several cascades before reaching this falls which required a steep 30 ft. scramble. Though this falls could have used about 40% less waterflow it was still beautiful and resting in a rhodendron surrounded grotto made it even more awesome. I came away with several good shots of this falls so over the coming months you’ll be seeing plenty more of this one!

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