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Trahlyta Cascade - 1

Trahlyta Cascade
Wolf Creek
Vogel State Park

On our first day out in North Georgia last week we decided to head down to Upper and Lower Desoto Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest and as luck would have it we passed by Trahlyta Falls in Vogel State Park. The main falls was gorgeous but it's beyond me why the park system put a deck right in the middle of the falls near the base. After shooting from the deck and at the base I decided to join my good friend John Deas who had been occupied with a cascade that was below the main falls. Boy what a beauty and what a bunch of personality! It would turn out I'd enjoy this fall far more than it's more famous brother! I got a ton of great stuff from this little fella and in the end it would one of my favorite falls of the trip!

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