Georgia Waterfalls - Fultz Fotos
Carter Caves Natural Bridge - 2

Crow Creek Falls Lower - 1

Crow Creek Falls
Crow Creek
Near Seed Lake
Chattahoochee National Forest

When we arrived at the watershed for Crow Creek Falls in Rabin County, Georgia I had little idea that I'd get more bang that I bargained for! Which is fine with me! Turns out when we got out of the truck I immediately heard falling water. I asked John, "The falls is that close to the road?" He responded, "One of them is." Located 30 ft from the road here you had this 5 ft tall beauty. Wow! In fact, I liked this waterfall more than the main falls upstream! I'll tell you what, I wore this little waterfall out! I started out from here where I was perched on an overhang covered in dirt and hemlock needles with my feet dangling over the edge. I could have sat here all day. If only I had of brought that bottle of bourbon...

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