Georgia Waterfalls - Fultz Fotos
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Lower DeSoto Falls
DeSoto Falls Recreation Area
Chattahoochee National Forest

Located in Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest Lower DeSoto Falls was the only falls on this trip that I had been to in the past. My last visit was in January of 2010 when I passed though bouncing along the lowermost reaches of a major snow event that was dumping 8 inches of snow and ice just to the north of us. Our latest visit I was a bit surprised to find a lot of downed trees everywhere, so much so that the trail to Upper DeSoto was closed apparently the result of damage from hurricane remnants, and if I were to guess; Hurricane Irma. It was obvious a lot of work had been done on the trail to Lower DeSoto to even make access to the falls possible as several 2nd growth pine trees and hemlocks had collapsed across the trial . You could imagine my lack of surprise when we arrived to the waterfall to find a tree had fallen onto the falls. Gorgeous nonetheless, I explored this falls far more that I did on my first visit, where I just walked up to the observation deck took a couple shots and left. I didn’t realize it at the time but several of the falls we would visit on this trip were going to be effected by downed trees. I’ve often threatened to bring a chainsaw and handsaw on these outings but the naturalist in me just won’t allow me follow through.

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