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Fishtrap Natural Bridge
Daniel Boone National Forest
Laurel County

I am constantly amazed as I explore my wondrous home of Kentucky. This past weekend myself and several good friends headed out to Fishtrap Natural Bridge in northern Laurel County outside London. Armed in a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 3 inch lift we made our way across a severely rutted, incredibly bumpy National Forest road loaded with deep puddles and fallen trees. Imagine yourself sitting in a bottle of A-1 Steak Sauce and being shook up violently before being poured onto T-Bone Steak, because that's what it felt like happened. After parking the jeep at the beginning of an old 4-wheeler path we got out and did our best to untense ourselves from our ride. According to the GPS we were about a quarter mile from the bridge so we began our decent. Having never been here before the 4 wheeler trail went off to the left away from our destination so I opted to continue in the direction of the coordinates off trail making our way down to a small runoff where we turned and followed it further downhill. A short time later we saw the bridge and what a sight it was! With two waterfalls, it is a natural bridge with a span of 77 ft that is 22 ft high and a deck that is only 4 ft thick. One can't just stand there and not feel small in the presence of the incredible natural feature. Although there an numerous perspectives to shoot the bridge, today my favorite was underneath the arch shooting towards the sun, to me it offered the best options to accentuate it's massive size. And to be honest, I can't wait to come back here after a rain event, if you look closely to the left and right of the trees in the enormous hole you can see the two waterfalls. Can you image what this would look like after 2 inches of rain? Yeah, this place is pretty special and is definitely one of the best kept secrets of the Daniel Boone National Forest!
Oh, and that atv path that went off to the left, it did lead down to the arch. We found that out on the way back up.

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