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Pretty House Arch - 1

Dick's Tobacco Barn

Dick's Tobacco Barn
Dick's Tobacco Barn Triple Arch

One of the awesome places we visited on our Western Kentucky Eclipse Trip was another bucket list arch that had been in our sights for some time. Located on private property, this unique triple arch is located at the mouth of a short cave that also houses an arch complex of windows, pillars and another smaller arch. While shooting from inside the cave, Chris began working with some flash photography while I was still working with long exposures, essentially screwing up my shots. I hadn't worked with flash photography in this capacity so instead of arguing with him about it I decided to join in. Timing my camera to coincide with his camera and flashes, surprisingly I was able to create some photographs that I really liked. This one here was my favorite of the bunch. I think what was most disappointing about this visit to this beautiful landform was our limit of time. The sun was sinking fast and I know that myself, Bryan, Chris and Jeff would have loved to have had another hour or two here experimenting with all this awesome place had to offer! There will be a next time for sure!

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