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Princess Arch - 3 - RRG

Princess Arch
Red River Gorge Geological Area
Daniel Boone National Forest

As many times that I have been to Kentucky's Red River Gorge over my life amazingly I only found out about Princess Arch around 7 years ago when I got an official park map. What blew my mind even more was that the trail head is located in the same parking area as the trail head for Chimney Rock. The hike to the arch is short, the trail marker says .5 miles but I seriously disagree, it's more like .25 of a mile. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for it in beauty as the arch slightly dog legs to the left as it follow the ridge line. It's pretty abnormal for me to shoot on a sunny day but I've decided I'm getting out this fall season no matter the conditions. I've been here so many times now that I know how the sun hits the arch throughout the day and I knew the best time to take advantage of the light would be in the morning. There are lots of perspectives to shoot the arch, but this one turned out to be the best to shoot from this day.

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