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Smoky Bridge - 1

Smoky Bridge
Carter Caves State Park
Olive Hill, Kentucky

Even with all the rain last week and Saturday I had a feeling the creeks would be dry after two weeks of 90 degree temperatures. With that in mind we decided to spend the day at Carter Caves State Park near I-64 in Olive Hill, Kentucky. If you've not been to the park it's pretty cool. Featuring several cave tours (one that has a 30 ft. waterfall), random caves and 6 natural bridges it really is a very cool playground. Although I've yet to visit two of the six bridges in the park, so far my favorite is Smoky Bridge, the largest natural bridge in the state of Kentucky. When you approach the bridge it is truly an awe inspiring sight, as eons of water runoff from rain events slowly created the massive structure. Unlike many of the state's natural bridges and arches this one is made of limestone. The reason that it is called a "bridge" instead of an "arch" is because it was created by running water, where an arch is created by wind and rain (Sky Bridge in the Red River Gorge being an exception). This is just one of a few images I'll be sharing of this gorgeous bridge over the next couple weeks, and I know one thing, I can't wait to come back in the fall!

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