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Spratt's Arch

Raven Bridge - 1

Raven Bridge
Carter Caves State Park

Summer and Fall of 2016 Kentucky was going through a serious dry spell and most of the waterfalls had all dried up in the Bluegrass State, so the first weekend in October myself and good friend Bryan Janosick drove down to Carter Caves state park to chase some arches, or in this case natural bridges. Bryan had never been to the park and I wanted to get some decent shots of Ravens Bridge. When we arrived there was decent cloud cover but as the morning moved on so did the clouds. Nonetheless, the lack of cloud cover didn’t have much of an effect on our shots or our day. In fact, we worked it to our advantage, our last stop of the day was Raven Bridge and we had less than an hour of sunlight to make the 1.5 round trip hike. Taking the low road from Caveland Lodge, we made our way on the 3 Bridges Trail which took us below some cool sandstone cliffs then along the lake and eventually brought us to below the bridge. As I had hoped the setting sun cast some gorgeous light upon the surrounding trees and the base of the arch making for a beautiful scene.

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