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Grey's Arch - 3 - RRG

Grey's Arch
Red River Gorge Geological Area
Daniel Boone National Forest

Photograph captured after 18 inches of snow fell on the red Jan 2016.

I sure hope everyone survived the snowpocalypse last week. Wow what a mess Nonetheless; I couldn't resist getting myself knee deep in it as my good friend Chris and I drove down to Red River Gorge Saturday morning and hiked up Tunnel Ridge Road and to Grey's Arch; a round trip 5 mile journey in 18 inches of snow. It was truly an adventure of pain; cold; exhaustion; failure; suffering; awe; beauty and success; all details that I will share at a later time. For now it's a short story to accompany this image from beneath my favorite arch; the sandstone and snow contrasting against one another. Truly one of my favorite things to see in nature.

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