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Fern Bridge
Carter Caves State Park

One of the things I just love about Kentucky is, if we haven't had any rain for the waterfalls we've got plenty of arches to visit and it is said that Kentucky is the state with the second highest concentration of natural arches in the union. One of my favorite arches to visit is Fern Bridge in Carter Caves State Park, stretching 110 ft. it has 5th largest span in the eastern US and 2nd largest in Kentucky. I've been here several times now and I seriously think it's one of the hardest arches that I've ever tried to shoot and mainly because of the hard contrast between the cliff wall behind the arch and the bright light in the gully out front. On our latest trip here, a couple of weekends ago, I thought I'd try something different and get down in the stream bed and shoot up at the bridge from there. I just loved this down-in-a-hole view of this gorgeous natural wonder!

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