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Cascade Bridge
Carter Caves State Park

With the exception of an unplanned stop by Horn Hollow Cave Falls, my intention on this early spring weekend was to visit the two remaining arches that I had not visited yet in Carter Caves State Park. Years ago, 12 to 15 years ago, myself and my good friend Jason Haley visited Box Canyon and the Cascade trail. I don't remember much about it other than I wasn't impressed for some reason. Recently when looking at a park map I noticed there was a natural bridge on the trail. I didn't remember a bridge when I was there last, so I was really curious how I missed it. Returning, we headed out to find the arch and after a short ascent; bam! It's right there in your face! Apparently, I must have been staring at the ground when we passed by here way back when. Maybe it is because it's kind of inconspicuous as there is only a few feet separating the bridge and the wall. It's not small either, I'm not sure of footage but it's quite impressive to view. As a photographer, there was something that absolutely amazed me about this arch, it's really photogenic and from several angles. Photographing arches, to me, is one tough subject to shoot, and there's several times I've walked away from one scratching my head and asking myself, "how?" Not this one though, nature has plenty of personality here and it was a true pleasure to visit it, and to top it off, just around the corner, is Box Canyon. I'm not sure why it left a negative taste in my mouth but my memory of this unique natural formation is way off. It's pretty flipping awesome. What a great place to walk and soak in our beautiful world.

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