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Apex Arch
Private Property
Christian County

The day before the eclipse myself and some of The Static Brothers made the drive to Apex Arch in Western Kentucky. Ever since I saw the first picture of this arch, which was posted by fellow hiking enthusiast Renee Errett, I have wanted to shoot it. Located on private property, the hike to the arch isn't long, and you'd think that the walk in 90+ degree heat would be punishment enough. But, nooooo, upon our arrival to the arch we discovered that we walked through a patch of Turkey Mites (aka seed ticks) that had attached themselves to our pants. Then Chris goes to make his way to the bottom of the arch and seriously injures his knee. Aggravated and completely creeped out that had just dusted off a ton of pin sized ticks off my pants, and knowing I didn't get them all, I decided to make the decent to the base of the arch. I hands down think this is one of the coolest arches in the state. The deck is no more than a few feet wide and a couple feet thick, but the graffiti and trash here is unbelievable. I mean, there's graffiti all over everything, and in places you'd never imagine. Once I got past the abuse and disrespect, I looked at the lonely arch for what it was, one of Kentucky's most unique and beautiful natural landforms.

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