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Beauty Mountain - 2

Star Gap Arch - 1

Star Gap Arch
Red River Gorge Geological Area
Daniel Boone National Forest

In December of 2015 I returned to an arch that I had no plan going to the base of. I had been to Star Gap Arch near the trail to Double Arch several years ago, I had every intention of seeing it from below but a steep short scramble stopped me from making the decent so I just enjoyed the view on top of the arch while everyone shot it below. It's amazing how one can change. Standing there staring at the same scramble from years ago I told Chris to go on ahead. I will wait for him. Even after some coaxing I stayed my ground and decided to just wait so on to the arch he went. I sat there and stared at it. For those who don't know I'm afraid of heights and I'm not the most coordinated fella, but since I began taking photography seriously I've been pushing myself beyond my fear. After a few minutes weighing it out I said to myself, "to hell with it" and slid on down the face. Before I continued on, I turned around and made the scramble back up, a little awkwardly but I did it. Satisfied I slid back down and headed on to the arch. With a cheer and some claps from Chris I joined him on the far side of the arch, set up and began shooting. I don't care what arch it is, finding the right perspective to shoot one is pretty difficult and this one no different. I finally settled on the trail approach side, there was so much more happening on this side and the rock here was really cool. It felt pretty good making my way down to see this one as once again I faced my fear and conquered it. I know one thing, I'm sure looking forward to returning in the future.

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