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Huling Arch
Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area
McCreary County

t's always exciting to visit a new arch and myself and good friend Chris Morris visited Huling Arch in the very southern section of McCreary County. Located in the Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area the drive to this arch required us to drive 20 miles into Tennessee and then back up into Kentucky on back roads. Though not far from the road it required us following an old roadbed which passed by the long gone remains of an old homestead where we began a bushwhack through the forest. As we made our way to the arch is was quite evident that we weren't alone when we came across a fresh pile of bear dung and a flattened area where it had been sleeping among a carpet of acorns. Then we passed a large piece of formed copper that we guessed was from an old moonshine still. Shortly after we made a steep decent in a break in a cliff line and followed below the base of the cliff to the base of the arch. At 40 ft across by 17 ft tall it was impressive sight and it was quite evident not many folks had been to this place. As we photographed the arch Chris's dog Oakley began sniffing the air intensely and proceeded to get very agitated. Apparently our bear friend was very close, but we weren't too concerned and we finished up and made our way back to the car.

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