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Mill Springs Falls
Mill Springs
Lake Cumberland

I always enjoy a visit to Mill Springs Mill near Monticello, Kentucky, and most come to visit the iconic the 140 year old mill on the banks of Lake Cumberland. Even though I do enjoy the Mill, usually I'm here to visit the waterfalls and boy does this place offer a bunch of them. Emerging from the hillside, several springs feed the falls as it cascades in several different ways before meeting to form two separate streams that drop 25 feet into Lake Cumberland. I didn't feel like getting my feet wet on this visit so I decided to concentrate on the right stream which loops around the top of a punch bowl shaped grotto. I just love the rich colors and the track of this section water, which also happens to be the lowermost section before it plummets into the lake. Plenty of recent rain really had these falls going and it was really nice to spend some quality time at this beautiful place!

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