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Meadow Creek Cascades
Wayne County

One of my favorite things about fall are leaf dams in creeks which create pools of water in unusual places, or in some cases usual places. Meadow Creek, one of Kentucky's hidden gems, is located near the historic Brown-Lanier House which served as a Confederate Headquarters during the early stages of the Civil War. The creek features numerous cascades over a 1/4 mile stretch where it eventually tumbles over a 25 ft tall waterfall before emptying into Lake Cumberland. I've never visited here when the water was flowing good over the main waterfall, but that is OK because the cascades are simply perfect with a lower flow. This scene here almost eluded Chris and I when we were here at the end of October. Had he not been standing on a shelf about 3 ft below the swirl neither of us would have ever noticed it, as I was talking to him I caught some movement behind him, "Oh my goodness, look behind you!" This section of the creek is the most unique in my opinion, as there is a six foot drop, which you see in the background, then spreads out in several directions and cascades another six feet where it meets up to continue downstream. One could spend hours here shooting all the perspectives and taking in the beauty of this little known creek, which we did. Hopefully someday I'll get to stop by during a rain event and catch the main falls in all it's glory.

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