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Buzzard Rock

Buzzard Rock
South Fork Cumberland River
Daniel Boone National Forest
McCreary County

Ever since I saw my first photo from this unbelievable overlook I've been dying to make a visit and last week I finally got the chance! Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in McCreary County, Kentucky, Buzzard Rock has one of the best river views in the state, and it looks westerly too! Perfect for sunset! We had spent longer than anticipated on the Eagle Falls trail at Cumberland Falls and I was a bit concerned about time considering none of us in our group knew precisely where Buzzard Rock was. I was thinking trying to find Garland Bend instead when we got texts from good friends Greg Davis and Chris Morris giving us the location and it turned out it was only 20 minutes away! I hopped in good friend Jeff Burcher's Jeep and good friends Jeremy Chapman and Dave Halbig hopped in Jeremy's truck and off we went! Keep in mind that I had been riding with Jeff for the last three days and nowhere during that time did Jeff give an inkling that he could drive like a NASCAR driver, because he he began driving like the rear of the Jeep was on fire during the journey to overlook. I seriously think we set a land speed record to an unmarked parking lot along a gravel road. Quickly we got out grabbed our gear and hurriedly followed an unmarked well worn trail about a mile out to the outcropping where we met up with good friends Chris and Don Hunter with ten minutes left to spare before sunset! Great friends, an awesome overlook, a great sunset, and a sun pillar, it certainly doesn't get much better than that my friends!

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