Cumberland Falls & Big South Fork - Fultz Fotos
Pretty House Arch - 1

Cumberland River - 1

Cumberland River
Cumberland Falls State Park

Captured downstream from Cumberland Falls, after waking up at DuPont Lodge and finding we were socked in on this Autumn morning Chris and I decided to head down to Cumberland Falls to see if it looked cool in the fog. Well it didn't, at all. So we decided to walk downstream since neither of us had ever walked there before and see what would happen. The fog was really thick here but as we made our way along the river it slowly began to lift. We began setting up and shooting as we made our way downstream. Finally we got to a point we couldn't go no further and the fog had almost thinned out too much. This was my last shot before it completely cleared up. Being that this was my first visit to this section of the river I just loved the massive house sized boulders lining the shoreline surrounded by the last of the Autumn holdouts standing high above them.

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