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Doe Run Lake
Kenton County Park
Covington, Kentucky

I was on the fence as to whether it would be worth running up to Doe Run Lake for sunset last night, it had been a mostly cloudy day, but as the sun was setting I noticed a lot of the clouds were dissipating. After mulling it over I finally decided to go ahead and make the quick jaunt up to the lake. The last few weeks have been ridiculously busy and I had watched several stunning post sunset events pass by, not being able to take advantage of it. The drive only takes about 5 minutes and once I got there it was really crowded as it looked like there had been some canoe event, however I was happy to see that all the canoes were out of the water. A new accessory I'm carrying with me is a 2 ft long machete that I've been using to remove the occasional stray foliage that can find it's way in a photo. After strapping it to my belt I began to head out and as I glanced around I noticed that several people were staring at me with a concerned look. I chuckled to myself and headed out on the trail. Since I shoot here quite often in the warmer months I thought I would scout out a new place to set up and after a short time I found a spot that I liked. When I set up I felt there was a decent chance for some color on the remaining clouds and I set up trying out different compositions. Within a few minutes the clouds lit up and a still wind rested upon the lake creating perfect reflections. A perfect way to end a very busy month.

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