Doe Run Lake - Fultz Fotos
Bald Rock Natural Bridge - 1

Doe Run Lake - 10

Doe Run Lake
Kenton County Park
Covington, Kentucky

This evening was perfect end to a perfect weekend, as after dropping my Lisa off at home after fantastic day running around the Camp Springs Herbst Tour, I made a quick run up to Doe Run Lake and captured a gorgeous sunset, quite possibly the last of the year from here as soon the leaves will be off the trees and you can see the homes that they hide. I'm sure not many folks have ever had as an eventful week as I had, starting with last Sunday when my daughter gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Rhydian (rhymes with meridian) Oaken and then this past Saturday I proposed to my wonderful other half Lisa (who said a tearful and joyous "Sure, why not!") at the end of a perfect photoshoot by my good friend Danielle Bachman at the Stonebrook Winery in Camp Springs! Yep, I'm still coming down from an awesome series of events and a couple of the best days of my life!

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