Doe Run Lake - Fultz Fotos
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Doe Run Lake - 2

Doe Run Lake
Kenton County Park
Covington, Kentucky

Last Sunday I finally got some sunset shots at nearby Doe Run Lake in Covington, Kentucky as when I arrived it was full on God Rays reflecting in the lake. Little did I realize that the show wasn't over. It was incredible watching it all change before my eyes as yellow gave way to orange which gave way to red and then finally pinkish purple. Normally when I set up at the lake I usually find a nice lakeside grotto surrounded by weeds and trees but everything happened so fast I ended up having to set up along the parking lot at first till I finally moved to the bottom of the boat ramp for this part of the show when the color just exploded. In all seriousness this was the best sunset I'd seen in some time.

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