Doe Run Lake - Fultz Fotos
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Doe Run Lake - 4

Doe Run Lake
Kenton County Park
Covington, Kentucky

With so many bright beautiful sunny days I've hardly been out shooting this August, however I have been running up to nearby Doe Run Lake in Covington, Kentucky to try and catch some sunsets. After several sunfails, yesterday evening a cold front was moving through and I noticed that sunset had some serious potential, so I hopped in the car and made the quick run up there. What I found when I arrived was a wow! Yellow skies and God Rays! Usually I run off to find a place to set up in the woods lakeside, but not this time. I hopped out of the car and ran to the edge of the parking lot and shot away, fearing that if I tried to find a wooded foreground I could miss this beautiful display that I had arrived too. Well, I was right, within a few minutes the God Rays disappeared and then began another show. One that went from yellow to orange to red to pink and from beginning to end turning out to be one of the best post-sunset displays that I'd seen this year.

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