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Weisenberger Mill - 1

Weisenberger Mill
South Elkhorn Creek
Scott County
Midway, Kentucky

Early on, when I created the Kentucky Waterfalls, Arches and Landscapes Facebook page, one of the first photographs that was posted on there was of Weisenberger Mill located near Midway, Kentucky. Ever since I've been wanting to pay that place a visit. So after visiting the abandoned Lewis Hunter Distillery we headed to the mill to check it out. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as waterflow over the dam but it turned out just as I had hoped, plenty, and it was swirling like crazy. I had done a quick scope of the situation and noticed the sun was about to get caught behind a massive cloud so I ran back to the Jeep and grabbed my stuff. Located on South Elkhorn Creek a now blocked off one lane bridge spans the waterway and offers a scenic overlook to the mill and the dam. There were people everywhere along the creek fishing but I noticed many of them were heading out and after thinking about it, I hadn't seen very many photos of this area from creek level, so I made my way under the guardrail and set up under the bridge. Unbeknownst to me while I was shooting a police officer showed up and explained to my companions above that this side of the creek was private property and quickly left. I guess I was OK, where I was. One of the things I want to do is shoot here in fall as well as during winter for a sunrise. Yeah. That would be nice.

Weisenberger MillSouth Elkhorn CreekScott CountyKentuckyMidwaydam