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Kentucky Capitol
Frankfort, Kentucky

This weekend I had oodles of waterfalling plans, Saturday I was going to shoot a falls in Paintsville, Ky and make my way back towards home hitting the falls near West Liberty and then hitting Laural Gorge. Sunday, I planned on hitting Raven's Run and Shaker Village. Well all that went out the window when my pup Maggie suddenly became sick at 2 am Saturday morning, prompting an emergency visit at 9 am, leading to having to stay with her all day. Then Sunday the sun came out. So I decided to head to Frankfort with my good friend Chris Morris and shoot things in the bright light. I've been wanting to spend some quality time in Kentucky's capitol city for years now and although I only had a couple hours I got to see several things and learn my way around a little bit. On our quick little tour we stopped by and walked the grounds of the state Capitol. It was the first time I'd really gotten the chance to get a good look at it. I just loved this perspective of the massive building, the foliage, and flowering trees made for a pretty scene. I know one thing I can say about Sunday afternoon, it sure was a pretty day out

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