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Natural Bridge
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Back in January I got a perfect opportunity to visit Kentucky's Natural Bridge State Park right after a snow event. I just don't think conditions could have been more perfect as 3 or 4 inches blanketed the trees, while underneath the canopy along the trails the ground was nearly uncovered. That morning we arrived we hiked up to Lookout Point via the Devil's Gulch. For the most part the hike was pretty easy, all but at Devil's Gulch where it requires a steep climb through a crevice in the cliff side, first involving man made steps then ending in the last 15 ft was steps etched in the cliff face covered in ice. I thought to myself, "you've got to be kidding me" but I had my Yaktrax Ice Walkers on and against my fears I made the final ascent. At the top I looked back down the steps and couldn't believe I'd gone down them on a summer day several years earlier. Lookout point offers a wonderfully picturesque view of Natural Bridge and with all the snow on the trees it was simply incredible. Definitely one of my favorite trips of the year. Now, if only I can get to Grey's Arch in nearby Red River Gorge in these conditions...

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