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Great Wall Arch

Town Creek Falls - Middle Section

Town Creek Falls
Elk Spring Creek
Monticello, Kentucky

There's nothing I love more than new-to-me waterfalls, especially those that are nearly roadside! Located just outside Monticello, Kentucky the complete size of this falls is quite impressive, where at the top of it a the remnants of an old stone dam create a small pond before the falls tumbles down numerous small drops before continuing down a very steep cascade. This is only a small section of the falls just before it makes it's final decent. The sun popped out just as I began shooting this image, normally I'm not a big fan of sunny shots but in this case the contrast was acceptable. I seriously can not wait to return to visit this beauty since the clouds began to break up while we were on the upper portion and there were still several compositions I wanted to try. Even though we were ran off by the sun, I still had a ton of fun with this falls and I think the other Static Brothers did too!

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