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Broke Leg Falls #4 - 5

Broke Leg Falls #4
Menifee County Park
Wellington, Kentucky

The interesting story behind this particular adventure...We all descended the steps you can see across the gorge, and set up and started taking pictures. Good friend Jason Haley set up on a flat platform under the steps. After a few minutes of shooting I went over to talk to him, as we were talking his 40d and tripod just launched off the platform, landing camera first about 20 ft. down in the gorge. We were both amazed, his head was turned to me and he didn't see it happen, but I did and he hadn't touched it, and there was no wind either. It was bizarre. The 40d was destroyed as was the wide angle lens that broke off and left the mount in the camera, the tripod came out fine. Later I would joke it was the ghost of Broke Leg Falls, because I have no other way to explain what happened.

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