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Bark Camp Creek Cascades - 2

Bark Camp Creek Cascades
Bark Camp Creek
Daniel Boone National Forest

One of the Kentucky waterfalls I wasn't sure if I was going to ever visit were the Bark Camp Creek Cascades in the London District of The Daniel Boone National Forest, not only because of the 2.6 mile moderate one way hike but also because what I had seen of them I didn't think that hike would be worth it. Well, thank goodness for shortcuts, as it was revealed there was a 0.6 mile trail to the falls from a nearby forest road and they turned out to be a lot cooler than I ever imagined. Located a short distance upstream from where Bark Camp Creek meets the Cumberland River the cascades are 5 or so tiers of short drops before passing through a boulder strewn creekbed. I just loved this little section of the falls. They are definitely worthy of a return trip.

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