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Raven Bridge - 1

Un-Named Waterfall

It's not very often that I get surprised when I go shooting waterfalls but on this day I got a very pleasant one. Our itenerary this day took us to several falls I've never been to and Yocum Falls was one of them. A roadside waterfall, Yocum is a towering 60 + ft. waterfall with interestingly a sister falls of nearly equal height just 200 ft. away. You can see both the falls from above, but I'm not usually one to settle for shooting a falls from above so we decided to descend into the gorge via this old road and walk the creek back up and in doing so this is what we were greeted with first and in my opinion it's one of the most beautiful in the state of Kentucky. There is a unique intimacy with the approximately 7ft tall waterfall that you rarely feel with Kentucky falls as it is enshrouded in rhododendron and the creek makes an abrupt 90 degree turn from the cliff wall, and the only drawback is the garbage that litters the creekbed, in fact there was a rear differential to some form of car and a tire attached to it just a few feet past the splash pool. Unfortunately our journey stopped here as the only way to see the two upper falls, Upper Yocum and Blaze #3, is to make your way up the falls and it was just a little too cold to commit to being that wet the rest of the day. We'll be back.

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