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Creation Falls
Rockbridge Fork
Clifty Wilderness
Daniel Boone National Forest

Located in the Clifty Wilderness in the Daniel Boone National Forest near the Red River Gorge, this was the heaviest flow I've ever seen at Creation Falls in all the times I have been here to view it. Even though it was 50 degrees on top of the mountain, down at in the bottoms it was still near freezing, making the hiking and viewing around the falls treacherous as previous hikers had trampled the snow down making it a thick sheet of ice. I didn't even go to the viewing area because of how hazardous it was but thanks to my friend Nathan who was exploring all around found a place that was safe to shoot and was a cool perspective too. Little did I realize when he told me about it that I was going to see one of the most beautiful waterfall scenes I had ever beheld.

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