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Mt. Victory Arch

Lower Waterfall on Big Bloody Creek - 1

Lower Waterfall
Big Bloody Creek
Wolfe County

ears ago myself and good friend Christopher Morris drove past this falls and saw it through the trees, but because you had to access it by walking by a residence to reach it we decided not to check it out. Fast forward 4 years later. The residence is no longer there and after hearing the landowner didn't mind folks visiting the falls as long as there was no damage I couldn't resist visiting this beauty. Actually it's two waterfalls about 100 ft from one another. Being so close to a residence, I was amazed there wasn't an easier way down, although it wasn't that hard, just steep and slippery. I didn't even pay any attention to the upper falls, I bee-lined for the lower. Seeing it from the road had me focused on what I knew was a beauty. Sure enough it was. I made two descents here. The first I decided to slide down to the right of a large boulder to capture the falls from far away, after shooting there I made my way back up where after some deep thought I decided to slide down the left of the boulder, which looked like it had a much trickier ascent. After deciding I'll deal with coming up later I went ahead and slid down. Boy was I glad I did! I loved this falls! There were so many comps to shoot it from, this being my favorite! After I finished up I began that return trip up along the boulder and it was as challenging as I had expected as it required me to pull myself up in several places. Talk about upper body soreness the next day! But it was worth it! Oh, and that Upper Falls? Could be one of the ugliest falls I've tried to shoot and I have a feeling that none of you will ever see a photo of it.

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