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Flat Lick Falls
Flat Lick Creek
Grey Hawk
Jackson County, Kentucky

I finally got to shoot Flat Lick Falls in Grey Hawk, Kentucky a few weeks ago after three previous failed attempts over the last few years. I really was hoping for a little bit more water but when you have an Omega Block weather pattern set up for over two weeks, which means no rain, I think things could have been much worse. I really worked the falls from all perspectives, however it was really windy and the sun popped out from time to time making photography quite the challenge. This was one of my last compositions here, I was really digging the green and the patterns of the wall. This is truly one of Kentucky's gems and I must commend the effort that Jackson County has put forth to set aside this land for public use. I know I'll be back and I'm looking forward to it on a day I can visit both McCammon and Flat Lick, hopefully it won't be 2 years before I return again.

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