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Upper Waterfall On Little Bloody Creek - 5

Upper Waterfall
Little Bloody Creek
Wolfe County

The return to the Upper Falls on Little Bloody Creek was a bit more shaky than I expected. When I last visited here it was cold, the ground was frozen and there was a dusting of snow. Easy peasy down to the falls. Little did I realize on this latest visit that the decent to the falls would be a bit more challenging. This roadside falls is one of the Kentucky's more interesting as it drops 50 or so feet as a ribbon of water into a short, but impressive slot canyon. The approach to this falls looks easier than it is, when before I had stable frozen ground, this time we were faced with soft, shifting soil and rocks making for a cautious trek. Last time I was here I wanted to get a photo of the falls showing more the slot canyon but because we had so many I chose to hold off. This time however, it was just Jason and I. Once I took this photo we made our way down to closer to the base of the falls. And we thought the decent down was sketchy! The soil at the base of the cliff was slick as ice! Thank goodness for trekking poles!
Sadly this area is a total dumping ground for locals to dispose of their trash. Diapers, cans, bottles, wrappers, a whole bag of trash had been thrown out over the cliff. I did my best to clean up what I could but that's a battle that will forever be lost as I'm sure there will be plenty more tossed there tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

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