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Waterfall On Copperas Creek
Copperas Creek
Red River Gorge Geological Area
Daniel Boone National Forest

I've come to the conclusion that the unofficial trail to Copperas Creek Falls in Kentucky's Red River Gorge is one of my favorite Kentucky hikes. This was the second time I'd made the 5 mile in and out and I'm going to have to admit, it is a real workout. Although there's not much elevation change, it requires at least 10 creek crossings, lots of creek wading, 20 + tree straddlings, 1000's of fussy rhododendrons, and quite a few wrong turns. This trail makes you think. As you weave and bob through an almost primeval forest, an emerald moss covers much of the woods and the whole time nature in some way tries to hold you back from going any further. The rhododendrons tangle into you, a grove of downed trees force a substantial detour, a thorn bush grabs onto your jacket, it is truly rugged Kentucky. However, in the end there is a payoff and what a payoff it is. A 40 ft. waterfall drops into an emerald splashpool that is surrounded by a grove of rhodys and behind is a beach of sandstone pebbles. This is just one reason I love Red River Gorge. Today I may be sore in places that I am never sore after a hike, but that's OK, because it was well worth it.

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