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Broke Leg Falls #4
Broke Leg Creek
Broke Leg Falls Menifee County Park

I was looking forward to returning to see an old friend, knowing several inches of rain and snow had fallen over the last few days. Devastated in the great tornado outbreak of March 2nd 2012 the entire landscape that surrounded the 4 Broke Leg Falls in this small park was completely raked by an F-4 tornado. After passing over the falls the tornado continued down the gorge, not only destroying everything in the gorge but also everything above the gorge's 200 ft. sheer cliff walls. It is truly a sight to behold as you bare witness of the effects of awesome power of nature. When I first visited this falls a little over 2 years ago it quickly found a place in my heart as one of the most beautiful and scenic in the state of Kentucky. At 60 ft. tall, at my last visit to the falls prior to the damage I opted against shooting the falls from inside the gorge and figured I would wait till the next time I would stop by. Just goes to show you that you shouldn't put off what you can do today for now it is far too unsafe and difficult to make the trek at creek level as there is so much unsettled deadfall. It will take many years for this area to recover, longer than my remaining lifetime. I'm just glad that the park is rebuilt, a new bridge at the top of the creek, new handrails, the deadfall is cut away from the trail and some of the upper falls and they've put a new picnic area that you can see near the top center of the photograph.

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