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Horn Hollow Cave Falls
Horn Hollow Cave
Carter Caves State Park

I had been planning on getting out and doing some shooting on the early spring Saturday this image was taken for some time, so of course it would turn out it would be my least favorite photographic conditions to shoot in. Unfaltered, myself and good friend Jason Haley decided to head out to Carter Caves State Park to photograph an arch that I had never been too and photograph an arch that apparently I walked right past several years ago and didn't notice it. The ride down the AA Highway that morning was awesome, foggy and moody, I was really hoping for more of the same at Carter Caves. Alas, the fog had lifted by the time we reached Maysville and it became quite apparent that there was not a cloud in the sky. When we reached or destination the sun had yet to reach the road leading up to the visitors center and I noticed the creek had a decent flow of water to it. I told Jason to pull over and we'd go check to see if the waterfall had any water on it. "Waterfall?" he asked, "cool!" I hadn't realized it but I had not shown him this waterfall before. As we crossed the creek we could hear the waterfall was flowing nicely. Horn Hollow Cave Falls is one of the more unique waterfalls in the state as it exits out a tunnel and cascades across several grey colored natural steps at the mouth of a cave. I had not planned on shooting a waterfall on this day, but any time I can get one up on nature I'll take it. By the time we were finished, the sun was creeping up on to the waterfall and on our way we went to Raven Bridge.

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