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Shawnee Run Falls
Shawnee Run
Shaker Village

Although the water was racing by on Shawnee Run Creek that passes through The Preserve of Shaker Village, there were still several cool perspectives to capture the unnamed falls. All around were oodles of spring flowers and after some searching I was happy to find that there were some wild phlox creekside. I just loved the setting of the falls as the water flows directly out of the hillside and spreads across several "steps" before meeting with the creek. I can't say if the falls is spring fed or if a nearby creek flows through the hillside but one thing is for certain is that there was at one time a mill opposite the falls as the remains of a foundation can be seen. This was my first time I'd visited the falls and it certainly won't be my last since there are several falls nearby that I'm yet to visit. Hopefully I find the time to visit those in the near future, so much to see and do, so little time.

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