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Dunloup Creek Falls - 1

Big Spring Falls - 1

Big Spring Falls
Hocking State Forest

Joined by good friends Bryan Janosick and Jason Haley we met up with good friend and fellow Static Brother Karl Hassel for some running around Hocking Hills. Originally the plan was to visit the northern parks, including an old mill called Rock Mill, but when we passed near the mill heavy rain and thunderstorms were bearing down on us. So we all decided to head down to Ash Cave since it was the best place to stay out of the storms and still shoot. Eventually the storms stopped and were ran off by the hoards of people who arrived. Opting to head to Big Spring Hollow Falls in the nearby Hocking State Forest we made the quick jaunt to the parking lot. The last time I had visited Big Spring was several years ago in a winter storm warning, so I was pretty hyped up to see it in the conditions I had hoped, gushing! I was fully expecting an off trail hike but things have changed and now there's a easy trail to the falls through the hollow. At the mouth of the hollow you could hear it, and boy did it sound loud. Big Spring Falls is a towering monster in the right conditions. Taller than nearby Ash Cave by a few feet, a full drape of water was crashing down on the rocks below! After shooting from the base I decided to head up to the rock recess behind the falls and check out the view! Wow! What a scene as you look out over the creek from behind the falls! Hands down one of the coolest waterfalls in the state of Ohio! If you look far below in the creek you can see Karl and Jason, oh and I just loved that tree off to the right!

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