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Rock Bridge

Almost 10 years ago in the fall of 2007 during a drought myself and good friend Jason Haley made our one and only visit to Rock Bridge in the northernmost section of the Hocking Hills region of Central Ohio. I remember I didn't care much for the hike but I really thought the bridge was pretty awesome. Although I've been to Hocking Hills many times since, it never did work out that I would return. Oddly, it wasn't until a few years ago that I found out there was a wet weather waterfall at the bridge which really upped my desire to revisit. Finally, this past weekend I got the chance to see this unique landform after a morning of heavy rains. Myself, along with good friends Jason Haley and Bryan Janosick arrived for a late day hike. Though moderate, I quickly remembered why I didn't care much for the hike; a somewhat boring fieldside hike (at least the first 1/2 mile with a lot of exposed roots) and this time it was pretty muddy too. Eventually we did drop into the woods and met up with a nice flowing stream. I told Jason and Bryan that if this was the waterway that falls at the bridge that this "was going to be awesome!" And sure enough it was! Wow, what a scene! As we walked up you could see the top natural bridge stretching out over a mini gorge as the water fell below from a cliff 10 ft away from the bridge! At 100 ft across Rock Bridge is considered the longest in the state and is complimented by a 40 ft tall waterfall. Folks, it just simply doesn't get much better than this when it comes to sandstone bridges and waterfalls, truly one of the the best in the east!

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