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Honey Run Falls
Honey Run
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myself and several friends got the opportunity to shoot the old haunted Licking County Jail in Newark, Ohio. The jail, located about 30 miles east of Columbus, I decided to take advantage of the close proximity I would be to Honey Run Falls located about 45 minutes to the north east of the city. That 45 minute drive seemed like an eternity. but when we arrived it was quite clear the side trip was quite worth the effort. Over the years I've seen numerous photographs of this falls and I believed it wasn't very tall, about 10 ft or so, but imagine my surprise when I arrived to a 25 ft beauty! I think the most interesting thing to me was that the falls is located in, what I would call, a micro environment. The surrounding area is open pastures with spotty patches of hardwoods, but at the falls were towering hemlocks atop what looked to be an exposed area of sandstone. Another surprise was the well groomed park the falls was in; a fairly spacious parking lot, obvious well maintained trails, a gorgeous bridge across the creek and to my amazement no evidence of recent graffiti. Surprising for a waterfall located less than 100 ft from a busy road. Although beautiful, I doubt I'll be back any time soon due to it's remote location which is nearly an hour drive from I-71, but you never know what the future holds, I may be back sooner than I think.

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