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Ludlow Falls

Ludlow Falls
Ludlow Creek
Ludlow Falls, Ohio

I'm not sure what it is about Ludlow Falls but always seem to visit it in extreme conditions and my most recent visit wasn't any different. I've been there several times in high water, once in extreme cold, a bright sunshiney day and this latest time, high winds. That's just the weather challenges, the real challenge will never leave the falls, a steel/concrete bridge that is right over top of it. It took me a little while, but I found a couple places that one could frame up a shot without getting the bridge in the shot, one I could get to, and one I didn't feel like trying to. Located just a few miles north of West Milton the waterfall is approximately 15 ft tall and 50 or so feet wide. It's well worth the stop if you happen to be visiting the West Milton Cascades.

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